About Oliver Pattinama

After Oliver graduated from the Dutch Film Academy in 2010 he has mainly focused on working as a Production Sound Mixer for feature films, documentaries and commercials. The first feature film he was involved in after graduating was Rabat; this film received a lot of commendation and was one of the first steps in Oliver’s career to fulfil his dream of making feature films.

After Rabat he realised that he really wanted to learn the finest details of recording sound for films on set and develop his skills to become a great sound mixer. He decided that he wanted to combine working as a Sound Assistant and Boom Operator for different well-established sound recordists with working as a head of the Sound Department himself on several short and long films during the same period of time. He has developed his own individual style by learning from some of the best sound mixers in The Netherlands and at the same time by working on projects himself.

Oliver believes that every film is different and unique in its own way and therefore requires a well-prepared preproduction. After reading a scenario he always discusses his plans with the director and the sound designer before the film shoot starts; he finds it very important to come up with a plan that fits the content of the script best. Sound gives depth to the film and guidance to the audience in a subtle way.

During the last 3 years Oliver has grown into a well-known Production Sound Mixer himself. Although he is still young at age, his talent and drive to make outstanding films have brought him into a position to work on a lot of beautiful projects with a new generation of filmmakers as well as the established ones. His main focus now is on feature length films. In 2014 Aanmodderfakker received the Award for best Dutch film. A year later Gluckauf became runner-up and got the award for best Dutch film of 2015.


Best Dutch Movie 2015


Best Dutch Movie 2014

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